Monday, September 27, 2010

Comments Shmoments

And now, for shits, let's travel back to zingy comments and pick out the good ones.

From Things that go slurp in the night:

Blues said...

Oh, LB, you've still got in in you.

Love Bites said...

Really? I thought I took it out this morning. It was starting to smell.

From This is not your review...

Love Bites said...

The comments here have always been a splooge-covered nard-rending free-for-all.

Zen Mama said...

Why can't we edit when we experience premature commentation?

From Naked Eye

Love Bites said...

Seriously. Potential and a donkey dick will get you $3 in Mexico.

Shinerpunch said...

I will kickstart your taint so hard Harleys across the country will grumble to life.

Mongolian Girl said...

I'm so sorry I make your head hurt. I give you my most sincere apologies and am hopeful you will accept in good faith that I was indeed aiming for your taint.

From One Lump or Two?
Rassles said...

Like Point/Counterpoint?

"Shiner, you magnificently ignorant slut. The fact that you are willing to give even a teensy biddy little star to this pile of crack needles gives evidence to what I have suspected all along: your head is full of dogshit and cracker crumbs, and you bathe by licking your own anus. No offense to Johnny."

"Scorpio, you shady sharpee-headed virgin, I'm appalled that the words you chose to express your misogynistic regard for this woman's blog came from the same mouth you eat your mother with."

Feel free to add your own submissions.

Also, if anyone out there who has already been reviewed would like to write a review, email me. Regular reviewers are getting scarce. People have busy lives, and they take this seriously. Kind of.


  1. I go for Mongo b/c it was kind of a fake apology and I love me some fake apologies.

  2. Well hand one over then. All I am doing here is inspecting my ingrown toenails and wondering if a bit of backyard surgery is a goer.

  3. I'm all about Mongo on this one, as well.

    You think, I mean, I could be wrong, but do you think she was a little annoyed when she wrote that?

  4. As much as I love MG, I gotta go with the Blues/LB exchange. Pure gold.

  5. I miss the time when this blog was about reviews and not a gratuitous mutual admiration society.

  6. I miss the time when people had the balls to contribute an opinion about a blog rather than the reviewers, but we all can't have cake all the fucking time.

  7. But let's face it: most readers pay more attention to the comments and focus on hen-pecking the reviewers rather than the reviewed blogs themselves. It would be better if you gave me a reason to give a shit.

  8. If I didn't know any better Anon sounds a little like Mr London Street. Or at least sounds like something he would say.

  9. Fake apology? Oh come on now, I think offering to kick a person in the taint is one of my best qualities.
    Taint kick? Anyone?
    bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa - I totally vote for my own comment.

    Also - I'll be happy to tear a blog fucking mean...provide a well thought out, witty and thorough review.

  10. I find it comical that reviewees will go "na-na-na-na this is how my blog stays, suck it review!" The fuck do I care?

  11. I am honored to have been included in the society of gratuitous mutual admiration mongers. I love you guys, I really do, and I'm not just sayin' that.

    I know Mongo can kick some taint and write a fucking taint-kicking review as well.

  12. gratuitous mutual admiration society?

    This blog has always been one part circle jerk and I like it that way, it means I spend less money on whores.

  13. And now I'm voting for Miss Missive's quote above about the circle jerk, whores...
    But only after mine.

  14. Well, I vote for myself because I'm a part of the Self Admiration Society.

  15. I'm part of the self admiration society as well. Unless I'm having a bad day. Then I admire no one.

  16. Don't know if I'm in any kind of good standing around these parts anymore, but I'd be willing to another crack or two at reviewing if your regular reviewers are fleeing... well, fleeing might be a little much; maybe fatigued fits better. That's what happened to me, at any rate.

    Yes, and whatever - there was mention made of an email address, but I am sadly out of the loop and am not aware of said email address, nor, even more sadly (sadlier?), can I seem to locate it. Please advise?

    Yours, in question marks, Jobnutter.

  17. Of course, bewteen 'willing to' and 'another' there should be a big, fat 'take' in there, nestled amongst the grisle of the rest of my overly-long beefsteak-comment.

    If shoddy metaphors are ruptured condoms, I've impregnated fifteen-thousand women.

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  19. Jobber, I would love to have you lend your skills to the team for as long as you like.

    And of course, I can't find your email address either.

  20. No, it wasn't me. Whether you like me or not, I hope you'd know I'm not the gutless anonymous commenting type.

  21. Nutjobber? Doing a review? I am in heaven already and believe it would do me some good to go kick someone in the taint to celebrate.

  22. I like you London, and you would def man up and take the kudos for any 'controversial' comments :)

  23. Mr. London Street, you are the Juniper berries in my Gin, you need to come around these parts more often.

  24. I'd offer to write a review but apparently you need to have been reviewed yourself.

    Thanks for the kind words grumpy and MM. Sad that things seem to be slowing up a bit here.

  25. Miss Missives10/05/2010 8:11 PM

    It always comes back we're just shoring up for the next round of ass ripping.

  26. I dunno...maybe if you asked Shiner nicely Mr LS????

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